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Before shipment, we will inspect the machine and shoot a video for the customer to inspect the machine. After ensuring everything is correct, we pack the machine. All exported machines are wrapped with pearl cotton and then packed in wooden boxes to prevent the machine from colliding and breaking.

Our company has established a strong maintenance service team, with experienced on-site engineers and senior technicians, who can rush to the site as soon as possible to repair and replace any problems that arise. All complaints about product quality will be answered within one hour, and handling measures and suggestions will be put forward according to the customer’s situation. We have overseas engineering stations in Thailand, Europe, and India, and we can come to our door anytime and anywhere to solve all machine problems for customers.

Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer Coametic Mixing Machine Lotion Production Equipment

Steven Bell

Fill Automatic Mouthwash Liquid Filling Capping Machine Production Line

Steven Bell
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